Hawnby / Murton

Shooting at Hawnby / Murton

Hawnby/Murton is the latest addition to our portfolio and one we are very excited about. These two shoots have now merged to make one outstanding shoot, They are both renowned for their spectacular drives and challenging shooting to even the more serious high bird shots. The ground at Murton rises to some 1000ft above sea level with deep wide limestone valleys surrounded by arable land on the tops.  Game crops are strategically placed out of sight of the guns thus allowing for a more natural presentation. Hawnby is similar in topography but more surrounded by grass land than arable. These shoots produce some top quality drives, in fact every drive is as challenging as the last.  This is why they undoubtedly earn their rating of both being in the top 50 shoots in the UK.



Days consist of a typical bag sizes ranging from 250 to 500, dependent on the time of season.  Most of these days are double gun days for teams of eight, apart from the occasional January day where we can accommodate single guns.  All days include full hospitality in the onsite shoot lodge.

Should accommodation be required for you and your team, we can offer you a choice of venues: please click here for more details.